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Cabernet - DF 

Rodrigo Cruz Cia de Dança


Rating: General Audiences


"CABERNET" is inspired in the warmth and passion of Argentinian tango. It is a contemporary vision of this vigorous dance, in which the choreographer Rodrigo Cruz explores the subtleness of the look, the touch and the marked steps, and proposes the deconstruction of the gestures and typical steps.


Cast & Crew

Director/Choreographer - Rodrigo Cruz

Producer - Juliana Albanez & Bruno Alves

Presenter and Graphic Art - Jota Rodrigues

Photographer - Matheus Vitor

Costume Designer - Daniele Cristine

Scenography, Filmimg and Edition - Geolando Gomes

Support - Instituto Candango de Artes

The Bank of Brazil, the Embassy of France in Brazil and the French Institute of Brazil   

present and sponsor

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