Vin\co - DF

dança pequena

70 minutes

General Audiences


Édi Oliveira directs and participates in the performance Vin\co. Daniel Lacourt and Julia Henning are in an empty, geometric and angular space. A dramaturgy is created within the narrative that is constructed from abstract images that suggest figurative layers, which unfolds in a constant game with the unpredictable and the fleeting, the bodies in the scene (paper, bamboo, interpreters) are constantly provoked and modified. They bend, wrinkle, slip, breathe, manipulate, talk, knead, carve. Vin\co provides an experience of pause, deceleration, quieting, of pleasure from the noises of silence and contemplation of the filled voids.


Cast & Crew

Co-exceution - Instrumento de Ver Colective

Director and Conception - Édi Oliveira

Creative Interpreters - Daniel Lacourt, Édi Oliveira and Julia Henning

Soundtrack - Euler Oliveira

Lighting Director - Moisés Vasconcellos

Costume Design - Roustang Carrilho

Producer - Kamala Ramers and Maíra Moraes

The Bank of Brazil, the Embassy of France in Brazil and the French Institute of Brazil   

present and sponsor

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