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Happi, La Tristesse du Roi - França

Cie James Carles Danse&Co

40 mins

Rating: PG-16


''It may, in fact, be his return to his native land. To really dance. To be an erect man, a force that flows. Take one step, the next, and draw your own path while building a destination. What does the earth matter if we make our own ways? Let us perform this work, hand in hand ... Black hands in white hands, survivors of our wounds, time slaves, but masters of ourselves. Happi, La Tristesse du Roi, will be our title. Heddy Maalem, choreographer of Happi, "The Sorrow of the King".



Cast & Crew

Director of Cia and Dancer - James Carlés

Lighting Manager and Producer - Gerard Laffuste

The Bank of Brazil, the Embassy of France in Brazil and the French Institute of Brazil   

present and sponsor

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