Mazombo - Goiânia

Fohat Cia de Dança

60 mins

Rating: General Audiences


The MAZOMBO Ballet is a show of contemporary dances (Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Urban Dances) built on the soundtrack of the group MAZOMBO, Goiânia. The work deals with the process of construction of the metropolitan country cultural identity and is based on the diversity of timbres and rhythms to represent the plurality of the Brazilian people.


Cast & Crew


Producer, Director and Choreographer: ARIADNA DE ARAUJO CARNEIRO VAZ

Sonoplasty: HUGO CORREIA

Lighting and stage technician: MARCO RESTON

Ballet Dancers

Bruna Lemes

Daniel Matias

Danilo Santana

Duam Leno Castro Magalhães

Felipe Silva

Gabriela Benfica

Ismarley Pereira Bispo

Tharyc Matheus Almeida Amorim

Killder Alves

Marcus Nascimento

Mirlene Viana

Wanessa de Paula

The Bank of Brazil, the Embassy of France in Brazil and the French Institute of Brazil   

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