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Guerreiras - DF

Backstage Performance

3 mins

Rating: General Audiences


Guerreiras is a choreography that portrays the strength of women and female empowerment through a strong and striking dance. Created with a fanciful theme referring to Temiscira, a land of female warriors, the performance has a timeless scenario that also portrays the modern women and their strength to play their daily role with strength and sturdiness. The choreography is performed only by women.


Cast & Crew

Director/Choreographer - Érica Rézio

Producer - Carol Newman


Gabriela Vitorino

Gabriela Parente

Helena Ferreti

Luana Amato

Debora Harumi

Viviane Sobral

Amanda Lima

Andressa Delfino

Isabela Teperino

Maria Eduarda Cabral

The Bank of Brazil, the Embassy of France in Brazil and the French Institute of Brazil   

present and sponsor

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