Jardin de Invierno - foto_Gabriel F - 00

Jardín de Invierno - Espanha/Brasil

Cía. Cielo rasO

60 mins

Ratings: General Audiences


Screams of panic, happiness, punishment. Cheering yells. Shouts of alarm, warning, pleasure and pain. It is there where the silence exists and serves as inspiration for each shout, yell and scream. Welcome to the theatre.


Cast & Crew

Choreographer and Director - Igor Calonge


Clara Sales

Rafael Alves

Renato Fernandes

Bárbara Albuquerque

Assistant Choreographer - Martí Güell

Lighting Design - Pedro Fresneda e Raquel Hernández

Costume Design - Xabier Mujika

Technical Director - Camilo Soudant

Production - Gabriel F.

Support - Alliance Française Brasília

The Bank of Brazil, the Embassy of France in Brazil and the French Institute of Brazil   

present and sponsor

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