El Cuerpo Vacío - México

Cuatro X Cuatro

50 mins

Rating: General Audiences


EL CUERPO VACÍO is a work that puts the body as the main territory of contact with the world.


Cuatro X Cuatro it’s a laboratory of artists and creatives that was integrated in 2007. It’s members come from different parts of Mexico, summoned by Shantí Vera. Since 2009 they have develop projects and spaces to think and to be together. Their work is situated between dispose the body and enhance the flesh. Their Thought covers light, sound, color and matter as states and spaces as distributions of the sensible; they are interested in gravity (the force and metaphor); choreography and the choreographic; the Mexican context and Latin America; the South (not geographically but as a missing territory). They have performed in 17 countries in Europe and Latin America and have received multiple awards, prizes, grants, fellowships and subsidies. Cuatro X Cuatro does not do shows to entertain, it develops spaces and projects to play and think.


Cast & Crew

Dramaturgy, choreography and direction - Shantí Vera

Art Direction - Arturo Lugo/ Amplio Espectro

Stage Creative - Sendic Vázquez and Shantí Vera.

Stage Musician - Sendic Vázquez

Original Music and Sound Design - Manuel Estrella*

Assistant director- Melissa Herrada

Lighting Design - Jésica Elizondo**

Video - Fernando Frías/ Maremoto Producciones

Photography - Paulina Cervantes / Maremoto Producciones

Executive Production - Stéphanie Janaina/ Cuatro X Cuatro

Production - FONCA and Cuatro X Cuatro.

*Young Creators: FONCA (National Fund for Culture and Arts) 2017-2018

** Member of the National System of Creators of FONCA 2018-2020.

The Bank of Brazil, the Embassy of France in Brazil and the French Institute of Brazil   

present and sponsor

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